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"Not all of Mozart's paintings

               were perfect."


                     - Andy Reid

Hot Off The Press

The fantasy football community has served an important role in our team’s success and helped us make a name for ourselves in the Dynasty Football community. Hot off the press and straight to you, it’s our pleasure to share some of the articles and posts published by Sideline Squib staff. Have a look at the latest news updates, rankings and featured stories below.


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Be Prepared For Your Draft: Dynasty Rankings

This is your first stop for in depth articles to keep you one step ahead of your league. See what the Squib staff is brewing up to win you that Championship.

Stay up to date with recent news from around the National Football League to help you win those Sunday DFS slates. With Picks&Bricks videos and articles to help you cash. 

Use rankings to build a solid game plan heading into your draft. Look ahead into the future when negotiating trades and future assets.


Eric Silvestri

Marketing/Sponsorship Manager

Philly Phootball Phanatic. Girl Dad. PGA tour dreamer. When I am not on the links, or changing diapers, I am a product specialist for Phoenix Contact. Avid Philly sports fan from a small town in PA that's "right outside of Philly." Family man, with a family plan. Just trying to teach my daughters the best I can! Former Division II rec league star. Self-proclaimed GOAT of three putting. Sports Card enthusiast. Men's Beer League Coach. Marketing Manager by trade; sports fanatic by choice!


Steve Silvestri


Manager of Operations by day, football enthusiast by night. Founder of the Sideline Squib Podcast. Fantasy Football, Craft Beer, Creative Food. East coast Raiders fan. I love watching my daughter grow up, although I'm not sure I am ready for it quite yet. Former Division II college baseball player, current dad. Yes my daughter said be a bear! I've once gambled on european darts; Raiders in Vegas = best combination ever created. My daughter is my world. :) R4L

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The famous intro music you hear at the beginning of every Sideline Squib episode was created by the vocals of Gabe Geering (@FFManBun). Found opening for many podcasts around the industry, Gabe writes, creates, and produces his own sound and shares it with all of us.