Pre-draft Ritual

Updated: May 20, 2020

Every season one of the best times of the spring is the annual rookie draft in your dynasty home league! The time when all of your best friends get together to finally put all that studying and research to the ultimate test. A tradition with friends that I hope never ends.

In our league we always meet at the same bar and do our best to get the same corner table to conduct our fantasy football activities. As the drinks start flowing and the conversations are all over the place, I always make sure to stick to my personal pre-draft ritual. Beer and food pairings are right up there with fantasy football for me. Here's my go to pre-draft meal...

Beer: Peach, Love and Happiness by SweetWater Brewery.

Pizza: A perfectly well done pie topped with ham, pork belly, fig, and goat cheese with a sweet bbq glaze drizzle.

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