2021 Draft Prospects: Travis Etienne - RB/Cornell Powell -WR/ Amari Rodgers - WR - Clemson

Clemson Pro Day 03.11

Travis Etienne – RB

Cornell Powell – WR

Amari Rodgers – WR

Travis Etienne – RB – SR – 5’10 215 lb. - #9 > My Projected RB1 Round 1

The three down, elite running back is the most sought-after position in today’s NFL. Travis Etienne checks off every box as the scouting process commends. His elite skills push him up to the top of most boards and sits above looking down in my running back room. With elite speed and break away ability defenders at any level will have a tough time catching him. Etienne also possesses a skill that most active running backs are still learning, and that is creating angles on defenders. The way he can see an angle 6-7 yards away and execute to perfection is like none other. The ultimate weapon to say the least, can line up at any position and catch the ball better than some receivers. Probably the most electrifying player in this year’s draft and will get scooped up early and be a day one starter. Player Comp: Alvin Kamara 😊

My film trait scores are based on a scale of 1-10.

Initial Speed – 9

Long Speed - 9

Vision – 8

Patience – 8

Burst – 9

Elusiveness – 8

Hands – 9

Lateral Agility – 8

Contact Balance – 7

Pass Protection – 7

Photo Credit: pff.com

Pro Day Results

Hand: Arm: 31 1/8 Wingspan: Height: 5’10 Weight: 215

40 Yard Dash: 4.41 20 Yard Dash: 2.53 10 Yard Dash: 1.56 Bench Press Reps: 18

Vertical Jump: 33.5 Broad Jump: 10'8 20 Yard Shuttle: 3 Cone Drill:

Video Credit: Youtube.com

Cornell Powell – WR – RSSR – 6’ 204 lb. - #17 > My Projected WR29 Round 6

Playing with the best quarterback in the country comes exposure, whether a Senior Bowl bloomer or not. With scholarship offers from programs like Ohio State and Alabama they must have seen something in this three-star recruit, I did not. The lack of play shouldn’t be overlooked as he could not find himself on the field until this season. Sure, players like Mike Williams, Hunter Renfrow, Tee Higgins, and Justyn Ross were in the same room, but if you have it you have it. Powell’s eagerness and fight are enough to give him another look, although just about every trait is average at best, I do believe his solid frame and overall explosiveness should grant him a late round dart throw. Player Comp: Marcel Ateman

My film trait scores are based on a scale of 1-10.

Route Running – 4

Hands – 4

Quickness/Agility – 5

Long Speed – 5

Acceleration – 5

Size – 5

Blocking – 3

Contact Balance – 3

Separation – 5

Catch Comfort – 4

Photo Credit: Theclemsoninsider.com

Pro Day Results

Hand: Arm: Wingspan: Height: 6’ Weight: 204

40 Yard Dash: 4.53 20 Yard Dash: 2.69 10 Yard Dash: 1.60 Bench Press Reps: 16

Vertical Jump: 36.5 Broad Jump: 10'8 20 Yard Shuttle: 4.23 3 Cone Drill: 6.93

Video Credit: Youtube.com

Amari Rodgers – WR – SR – 5’9 212 lb. - #3 > My Projected WR17 Round 4

A top 20 receiver coming into Clemson in a very crowded room much like we spoke about with Powell, Rodgers needed to wait his turn. Fighting for snaps with fellow slot style receivers McLoud and Renfrow his first-year stats looked more like a single week. After the departure of top receivers Rodgers saw himself move up the depth chart and thus more exposure and opportunities, yet again stalled by fellow receivers Justyn Ross and Tee Higgins. Ready to make the move and be that third receiving threat on a high scoring offensive, Rodgers tore his ACL setting him back even further. As the NFL draft is just around the corner, and this pro day means more to Rodgers' future than most, he prepares himself for a good showing. Slot receivers have become a highly used asset in the game today and Rodgers shows to be a very underrated one with a ready to prove attitude that his skill set is matched to successful slot guys in the NFL. Player Comp: Randall Cobb

My film trait scores are based on a scale of 1-10.

Route Running – 7

Hands – 7

Quickness/Agility –7

Long Speed – 5

Acceleration – 5

Size – 5

Blocking – 4

Contact Balance – 6

Separation – 7

Catch Comfort – 6

Photo Credit: postandcourier.com

Pro Day Results

Hand: Arm: Wingspan: Height: 5’9 Weight: 212

40 Yard Dash: 4.51 20 Yard Dash: 2.66 10 Yard Dash: 1.67 Bench Press Reps: 24

Vertical Jump: 33 Broad Jump: 10'1 20 Yard Shuttle: 4.36 3 Cone Drill: 7.12

Video Credit: Youtube.com

For more scouting reports in this series stay tuned for individual reports and check out the main article of 2021 Pro Day Prospects for your one stop shop as Pro Days come and go.

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