Tee Higgins is Your League Winner

Tee Higgins wide receiver of the Cincinnati Bengals has been gradually climbing his team’s ranks in terms of production and usage. Starting with his first involvement in week two against the Cleveland Browns, Higgins has seen steady involvement each week. Following a healthy scratch of John Ross in week three and a decline in production from A.J. Green, Higgins has become the second option at wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The position he has found himself in is a rather envious one in terms of fantasy production. The Bengals will face several matchups where they will play from behind, yet many of their opponents do not currently possess a great pass defense. Not to mention quarterback Joe Burrow has been improving on an already successful passing attack through the season.

Higgins has seen growth in several areas that point towards a successful season. Currently he is third on the team in targets, having only played in four games. In this past week against a tough

Baltimore Ravens defense he led the team in targets. Burrow and the Bengals are feeding Higgins the ball, and as we all know, you have to have these opportunities to score in fantasy.

But what is even more important is what his targets are made of.

Higgins has a season Average Depth of Target (aDOT) of 13.6 yards. To give perspective,Higgins’ teammate Green averaged an aDOT of 13.2 yards his rookie season. Among top fantasy options at wide receiver this year, Higgins’ aDOT is higher than Amari Cooper, Deandre Hopkins,

and Robby Anderson. Getting these deeper targets consistently makes for a great floor for fantasy success. This is the same depth of targets that top wide receivers see season after season.

Higgins has also begun to take over Green’s role for most air yards on the team. This is the number

of yards a pass is thrown from the line of scrimmage to the receiver, whether the ball is caught or not. Earlier in the season, there was quite a bit of discussion surrounding A.J. Green’s potential to have another amazing season. Those who supported Green brought up his league leading

numbers in Air Yards, and to be fair Green did have a wild amount of air yards. Although Green, now injured, did not come through, the argument is not dead; it has simply moved into Higgins’ favor. At a season total of 382 air yards, Higgins has moved into the top 24 in air yards in just four games. His pace for over 1200 air yards on the season would have him ranked in the top ten in air yards in 2019.

Through five weeks, a shift has occurred in which Higgins is receiving many high value targets weekly. The consistent opportunity gives him a great floor not many wide receivers have, but what truly separates Higgins from the rest is touchdown potential. With two touchdowns in four games played, he already leads his team in receiving touchdowns and more will come as the season goes along. He is currently second, and rising, in red zone targets on the Bengals behind tight end Drew Sample. As previously mentioned, his longer depth of targets and air yards give a great chance for touchdowns from outside the red zone.

Higgins is currently rostered in 41% of ESPN leagues and 52% of Yahoo leagues.

With a solid matchup against the Indianapolis Colts coming up, then a few more good wide receiver matchups in the following weeks your league might pick up on Higgins and the trade window could start to close. Injuries are decimating lineups and some fantasy managers are desperately looking for wins. Take a look at what potential offers could be made, come playoff time Tee Higgins will be in almost every lineup.